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What Your Business Needs To Know

How does behavioral health intersect with your business operations? Is employee engagement or absenteeism negatively effecting workflow? Does workplace stress seep into your team's customer interactions? Would your company know how to respond to a workplace mental health and substance use crisis?

Learn about the common and severe mental health and substance use concerns for your specific industry, service area and consumers & clientele. Gain insight into the effects of behavioral health needs and concerns on your business functions. Prepare your team with appropriate, compassionate and informed responses to mental health and substance use concerns.


Evidenced-Based Training

Just like First Aid and CPR, your staff should have the basic tools to support someone experiencing a behavioral health emergency until professional help is available.

Learn the skills needed to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use. This evidenced-based 8 hour course gives your team the skills needed to support those experiencing behavioral health concerns or crisis, both on and off the job.

Additionally, Mental Health First Aid offers a Youth course with specific content and materials on mental health concerns which present during childhood and adolescence. The Youth Mental Health First Aid course is specifically designed for adults who work with youth.


Is Your Company Prepared?

Is your Risk Management department considering liability related to employee or consumer mental health or substance use concerns? Does your Emergency Response or Crisis Plan cover mental health and substance use crisis scenarios? While extensive planning, preparation and routine drills address adverse events such as natural disasters, active shooter or bomb threats, very little attention is paid to the impact of a behavioral health emergency.

With 1 in 5 American adults diagnosed with a mental health disorder each year (1 in 25 with a severe mental illness), how is your business prepared to respond? We provide business & workplace specific training on mental health and substance use concerns and crisis planning.


Employee Support

Behavioral Health in the workplace has the potential to effect your day-to-day operations, the bottom-line, customer satisfaction and employee retention. Support for your employees related to mental health and substance use concerns is key to their ongoing performance and engagement in your company. We can help your agency develop Workplace Wellness initiatives for your team.

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